Sunday, December 11, 2011

Discount December!

Since we all spend so much money in December on the holidays, I thought I'd end my year off with a month of discovering good, cheap wines. Do you have any suggestions? The cheaper (but still good), the better.

So far this month, I've had my old faithful Fuzion shiraz malbec blend. It's under $10 at the NSLC. It's pretty good for the price.

Then I was out with some friends last weekend, and I had taken a bottle of Fuzion with me. I meant to go pick up a more expensive bottle, but time ran out, so I grabbed the bottle I had at home. I felt bad taking the $10 bottle to share, and felt that I had to tell the girls that it was only $10. Luckily, they weren`t insulted, and were instead adding it to their list of cheap wines. And one of the other girls suggested another good, cheap wine that is her go-to bottle, so I picked it up this week.

I usually stayed away from South African wines as I hadn`t yet found one that I really liked. But, since it was just around $10, I picked it up. I was pleasantly surprised. It was quite nice for the price.

So, I guess my next step will be to head to Port of Wines and ask for some suggestions. I am a little afraid trying $10 wines. Not that I`ll waste a lot of money if I don`t like them, and could then keep them for cooking, but I`d rather them be drinkable!

Any suggestions on what else I should try?