Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nova 7

I finally tried Nova 7! I meant to for years, but there didn't seem to be an occasion that called for picking up a bottle, and I didn't want to splurge and buy a bottle to drink alone. But, since I'm tasting Canadian wines this month, I decided it was time to treat myself to a bottle.

After getting home from the movies Friday night, I cracked open the bottle, thinking a friend would join me. She was busy. Oh well, it was already open, and sparkling wine doesn't stay fizzy too long, so I attempted to take care of the whole bottle. It was a good effort.

The first two glasses were lovely. Sweet, tart, bubbly, tasty, everything I like in a sparkling wine. It tasted a lot like a bubbly muscat. I definitely enjoyed it. But I think a glass or two is my limit for sweet wines. I gave up after I realized I wasn't enjoying it anymore, and just hoped that the rest would be half decent the next day.

I drank the rest Saturday afternoon. It was flat, but still pretty tasty. I filled a wine glass with ice and it was a nice tasty treat.

Verdict - I'd buy it again, but definitely would make sure I had someone to share it with.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NS and BC

I guess next I should really try to find an Ontario wine to try.

I picked up a bottle of Jost Leon Millot earlier this week. It's listed as a "gold medal winner". It was nice. It was a bit lighter than my usual taste of wines, but it was nice and I did enjoy it.

Then a friend came over for dinner and was nice enough to bring a bottle of Canadian as well. This one was from BC, from Ganton & Larsen Prospect Winery in the Okanagan Valley. It is a Haynes Barn Merlot Cabernet. It was also nice. Spicy.

I'm not sure I'd buy either again, just because they are not my taste. I'm really starting to get a taste for what I like, and so far, Canadian wines just don't quite rank up there on my fave list. I should really try some whites. I will buy a bottle of Nova 7 this month since I STILL haven't tried it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Coast to Coast Canadian Wine

I'm enjoying Canadian wines for July so far. Actually, now that I'm writing this post, I realize I should get to the NSLC today and pick up another bottle for this week.

Anyway... So far, I've tried a bottle from NS and one from BC. NS wines are easily available here in Halifax, but other areas in Canada are available only in very limited supply. I couldn't find many of the recommended wines that friends from other areas suggested.

First up was Jost Marechal Foch. I'd had this one before, so really, I knew I'd like it. It's not as heavy as the reds I usually drink, but it has a nice flavor, almost tastes heavier than it really is. I really should have blogged while drinking it, or at least shortly after finishing the bottle. Right now, all I can say is that it is nice and somewhat light, but enjoyable. And it is a good price, around $15, I think.

Next, I went to Port of Wines to get some help. Friends had suggested a wine from Osoyoos Larose. The bottle they recommended was $47... I got what the sales lady described as the "baby" version of that wine ($25ish) - Petales d'Osoyoos. She described it as a bordeaux blend. It was very yummy. It was dry, tannic, and very full bodied (I think - if I am using the terms correctly). I really enjoyed it. I will get a bottle of that one again. Actually, it really made me want to take a trip to BC wine country.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Hunger Games and Sing You Home

I'm not going to bother writing much about the books I read anymore since I really suck at book reviews. But I'll still list them, and a quick "like" or "don't like"....

I finished "Sing You Home" by Jodi Picoult the other night. It was ok. The story was fine, but it just didn't grab me. I think I'm just "meh" about her writing. But if you like her books, I'm sure you'd like this one.

Then I read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I LOVE young adult literature. Maybe I'm just immature, but I usually really enjoy the series books. The Hunger Games is a trilogy. The first one I listened to on my walks to/from work, then I couldn't wait in line for the audiobooks at the library - I had to get a copy right away. I finished the last book tonight. All I have to say is that I look forward to the movies!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going Canadian for July

I dropped off my wine resolution for the month of June. I kind of lost the desire to pick a country and it was feeling like work. Tasting wine should never feel like work! So I took a breather. I just bought a bottle of whatever I wanted, when I wanted. And I did end up revisiting some of the wines that I discovered earlier this year.

At the start of July, I wondered if I would continue with my resolution, or revamp it somehow. Then I went to a BBQ at my friends' house on Saturday night. When I called to see what I could bring, R told me that I would get to taste a glass of their mystery wine. When I got there, she told me to pour a glass, and pointed to the bottle in the brown paper bag on the counter. Turns out, they pull a bottle from the basement every Saturday and drink it out of the paper bag, not revealing what the wine is until the bottle is empty. How fun! Now, for me, I only buy 1-2 bottles at a time, so that wouldn't be much of a surprise, but these guys buy many more than 1-2 at a time!

I sipped at my mystery wine and in my head, I thought "cab sauv". I didn't want to totally embarrass myself and say it out loud, so when I got home that night, I bbm'ed some friends and told them I thought it was a cab. I figured limiting to a cab instead of a cab sauv might give me a better chance of being right.  R emailed the next day to let me know what it was - a cab sauv from Chile. I was right!!!!

That moment solidified that I really have been enjoying my education in wine varieties and regions, and I decided it was time to pick another country and get going for July. R had suggested that since Canada Day had just passed, maybe I should try Canada. So, that's what I'm doing.

Please let me know what your favorite wines are from Canada! I know a few of the Nova Scotia companies, and may explore a few more here, but would be interested in trying some new ones from other provinces.