Friday, February 24, 2012

Resolution Update

This year's resolution is nowhere near as much fun as last year's. At this time last year, I'd discovered some yummy wines from two different countries. This year, I've lowered my debt. Woo hoo.

With one sixth of the year gone, I am about $20 behind schedule on where I thought I'd be with paying off my line of credit. That's not bad considering I had a $500 vet bill, a unplanned trip to NYC (one has to have SOME fun), and paid back the $600 from my emergency cash fund that I'd borrowed in the past two years since buying my condo.

I was really hoping to pay it off earlier, like in the summer, instead of just by the end of the year. I've done extra payments a few times already (with only four pays in 2012), and then I end up feeling bad when I have something unexpected come up and borrowing the money back again. But, I'm still on track.

So far so good for 2012.

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