Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ten Months Done!

Time to check back in with those resolutions I made ten months ago:

  • start sketching - I started... And then I did not continue  - still haven't continued
  • Continue French lessons - Yes! I'm half way through my second  third session of 2012
  • Take a longer Vespa trip (technically only needs to be longer than to Fall River to count) not yet! It's not looking good now that Vespa season is nearly over
  • Minor renos at home - Not done, and no plans on completing this in 2012 - still no plans of doing any
  • Pay off line of credit - I've paid off 58%  85% so I guess I'm still right on schedule!

I'm ok with not sketching and not doing renovations. I would have liked to take that longer Vespa trip, but I'm ok with not taking it. My line of credit and French lessons were the two I was really committed to, so I'm content with those two.

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