Monday, January 31, 2011

Time to Start Training

I guess since this blog has running as the first word, I should really start blogging about that as well. I track my runs online, and am part of a running forum, so I guess I forget to write about them in another online venue.

But, I did start officially "training" this month, so I can talk about that. So far, my fastest half marathon was just under 2:15. In 2011, I'm aiming to run a 2:05 half. When I run, I'm a wimp. I don't like to be uncomfortable, although I do love speed training. I think with speed training, I only have to run fast and hard for 2:00 or so, then I get a break. The tempo runs and hill repeats are not something I enjoy. I prefer to run slowly and take lots of walk breaks. But, if I'm going to run a 2:05 half, I need to get out of my comfort zone.

So, I'm running with a 2:00 half training group. The first week of half marathon training went well. Tuesday, I ran a 4k run with 15 minutes at tempo pace of 5:55 min/km. Wednesday, I ran another 4.5k tempo run with 4k at 5:55 pace. I missed Thursday's run, but Saturday was 3k easy with a friend, and we ran at 6:47 pace. Sunday, I joined the 2:00 group again and ran 7k with them at a 6:45 pace. I did find the Sunday run a bit fast for me, but I was able to talk to my friend the whole time, so maybe I will come around to it.

Week #1 of half marathon training is done! I'll enjoy my "rest" day from running today, and hope that the weather doesn't force me to run on the treadmill all week this week!

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