Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Running...

I've been pretty slack with updating my blog with run details. Mainly, this is because I've been pretty slack about running in the last month. It'll be four weeks this Sunday since I raced at the Cabot Trail Relay. Since then, I took a few days off running, then got a cold and was forced to take a week or so off running. Then I started to enjoy the break.

I've run a grand total of about 30k so far in June. That's kind of hard to admit as I usually aim to have at least 100k a month, and that's pretty low compared to most of my running friends. Part of me really wants to make sure I get to at least 50k this month. The other part of me doesn't really care at all.

My next "A" race is in October. I'll be racing a hilly half, and I want to run it in under 2:05. That will be a tough, but achievable, goal for me. But it's going to take training. And training was supposed to start last week... I'm not feeling motivated. While I love running, I'm tired of training. Or, maybe I'm just plain TIRED.

Since I stopped training, I started getting back into other stuff that I love. I have been walking, a lot. Instead of taking transit to work, I've been walking the 5k each way most days. So far, I'm over 120k of walking this month. I've been hiking - I finally got back to hike Cape Split. I've been playing ultimate frisbee again, and actually having enough left in my legs when the game starts to put in some good effort. And, I'm getting back into strength training and yoga.

While I haven't been running much, I've been having a lot of fun with the other activities. My legs are tired. The walk this morning, following the ultimate game last night, found me with legs that felt leaden. The thought now of running is unfathomable. My legs would have nothing left in them for a run, even an easy run.

So here's my dilemma. How do I do it all? I'm really enjoying the change in routine and loving all the things I would have to categorize as "cross training" in my running log. But I really want to PB in the 5k, 10k, and half this summer and fall. What can I keep, and what do I get rid of? Maybe I WILL have to switch out some of my walking for running instead. I really do enjoy the walking more than run commuting or transit, though. Maybe instead of trying to add in strength work, I can focus on yoga instead. Yoga will strengthen and stretch. Ultimate is staying because I love it, and it's a good substitute for speed work and sprinting - at least that's what I'll tell myself.

Hopefully I can make it all work this summer.

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