Thursday, July 26, 2012

58% Check In

I really meant to check in with my resolutions at the end of June, when we were 50% through 2012. I didn't. Summers are busy, and honestly, there are way more fun things to be doing than checking in on resolutions. Especially when you you think you might be falling behind on some of your goals... So next week will be the end of July, and that means we're 58% through the year.

Here's a list of my resolutions, and my updates:

  • Start sketching - I started... And then I did not continue 
  • Continue French lessons - Yes! I'm half way through my second session of 2012
  • Take a longer Vespa trip (technically only needs to be longer than to Fall River to count) - not yet
  • Minor renos at home - Not done, and no plans on completing this in 2012
  • Pay off line of credit - I've paid off 58%, so I guess I'm right on schedule!
Good thing I was ahead on paying off my line of credit before. I've had a bit of a lax summer so far for making payments. I've made them, but I've also given myself a lot of leeway to buy some new things and spend a bit more on entertainment. It is summer, after all. I'll have an easier time in the fall paying more when there's not as much fun stuff going on. 

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