Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally Beat My Old Half Marathon PB - Johnny Miles

My old half PB was set in September 2006 - 2:14:27. I've run a couple halfs since then, and a full, but haven't raced a half... I've been working on 10k races and beating the mental barrier that I had with being uncomfortable. I wasn't sure exactly what I should aim for in a half, so I figured I'd aim for somewhere between 2:05-2:10. I figured 2:10 was pretty doable, but would really like closer to 2:05. However, I didn't want to go out too hard and then blow the chance to PB at all.

Anyway. Here are the splits:

1- 5:58
2- 5:45
3- 5:56
4- 5:50
5- 5:46 (29:15 5k)
6- 6:13 - gel/walk
7- 5:58
8- 6:00
9- 6:00
10- 5:58 (59:24 10k, 2nd 5k in 30:09)
11- 6:16 - gel/walk
12- 6:12
13- 5:56
14- 6:39 - major side stitch, had to walk
15- 5:59 (1:30:26 15k, 3rd 5k in 31:02)
16- 6:18
17- 6:45 - gel/walk (mental break when I realized I'd easily PB)
18- 5:50
19- 6:20
20- 6:15 (2:01:54 20k, 4th 5k in 31:28)
21- 5:34
21.1k in 2:07:57

The first 10k was pretty congested as the 10k, half and full all ran it together, but it was pretty enjoyable. I like this race a lot and really enjoyed the first 10k. I just went whatever pace felt good and occasionally looked at my pace. I figured I'd just run, sort of aim for 6:00 pace, and see if I could hold on. My old injury (hip) started to twinge from about 1k on, especially on any inclines. Luckily, this course was really flat.

My 5k splits show how I was feeling. After the 10k-ers turned off to the finish line, the congestion was pretty much gone. It was nice to have some room again. (This course is 10k loops.) I was starting to notice just how salty I was, and was getting pretty hot. So, sometimes I'd take a quick little walk break. The iPod was a treat. I am used to racing without music and I really enjoyed having it to distract me.

I looked at my garmin at 17k and knew I was on pace for a PB, and though it was hurting, I could hang on to that PB for another half hour of running. Seems I let myself take a nice long walk here, judging by the splits. The last 500m of this race is across a bridge and then into the finish chute. Track work really helped as I knew I could speed up and hold it for basically one 400m repeat. I passed a woman, then she passed me back and I thought "Oh no you don't...." and I sped up. She didn't pass me again, and looking at my finish line pics, she wasn't far behind me! I passed quite a few people in the last 100m as I just gave it everything that I had left.

I'm pleased with my time. This really is one of my favorite races. I might have had a better time had I not taken a few extra walks, but who knows. It's obvious I was tiring as the time went on, but my 21st kilometer was the fastest of them all. Maybe there is a 2:05 in there for the fall. But for now, I'm pretty happy with cutting off six and a half minutes from my old PB. And I had a great day with some good friends.

The race photos are up now, and mine are here. Not bad, considering I usually look like I'm either dying or on some serious drugs in other race photos!


  1. Well done! Very much improved from another time you ran that half! Keep charging.

  2. I know I'm late to the show but congrats on the pb! I am jealous now that your halfM pb is better than mine. ;)