Sunday, April 3, 2011

Training, Week 10!

Another week done... 

Monday - rest

Tuesday - 4k tempo in 22:30 for 5:37 pace
Wednesday - 10k including 6*500m hill repeats, 6:23 pace
Thursday - 6k easy, 6:30 pace. This did not feel easy though, my legs were really tired from Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Friday - rest

Saturday - unplanned rest. Saturdays are my "play it by ear" day. If I'm tired, I take an extra rest day instead of an extra easy run. 
Sunday - 16k LSD, 6:48 pace. This did not feel easy either. I ran the first 4.5k alone to meet my clinic, then ran with them, and I really should have stuck with the 2:15 pace group, not the 2:00. But, the 2:00 leader saw me and said "are you running with us?" and I said "yep". I did run at the back of the pack, though, and backed off when they were going too fast. I'd always catch them on the walk breaks. Left them just as my garmin was at 15k and ran the last km alone. I am very pleased to say that I ran Maple Street! And, at the 14k point of my run. 

So that was 36k done in 4 runs. No wonder I am tired today. Actually, I made a better effort at hydrating and refueling today, so I don't feel as bad as I have other Sundays. I also let myself take a nice little nap after my second breakfast. 

Bring on week #11. 

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