Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 11

This week's training was good and bad. Not bad, really, but tired. I started the week with tired legs. Tuesday, I started off with a 5k tempo run before work. Wednesday, I ran with a new friend, and did 7 hills, for a total of 8.5k. Thursday was an easy 7k run with my clinic. Since I have plans tomorrow morning, I decided to do my long run today instead. It was tough. I ran alone, and in the afternoon in the lovely spring sunshine. Capris and a long sleeved shirt was too warm. My time was about 20 seconds slower per km than normal, but didn't feel slower.

Tuesday - 5k 5:45 pace
Wednesday - 7 hills, 8.5k, 7:38 pace (ran with a slower friend, and ran her pace)
Thursday - 7k 6:17 pace
Sunday - 16k 7:06 pace

I'm looking forward to my first Sunday rest day in months! This week was 36.5k in four runs. Next week, thankfully, is a cut back week.

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