Thursday, April 28, 2011

Training Weeks 12 & 13

These weeks were a bit compressed due to vacation. I didn't get in all my scheduled runs, but I did run while away in Hawaii.

Week 12
Monday - 5k tempo on the treadmill (yuck) at 5:47 pace
Tuesday - 7k easy at 6:17 pace
Wednesday - 9k with 8 hills
Sunday - 10k LSD (in Honolulu) at 7:26 pace

Total of 31k.

So the heat really sucked the energy out of me. We ended up walking a lot, and this run was partially up Diamond Head.

Week 13
Tuesday - 5k tempo in Kona, 5:45 pace - that one was TOUGH!
Wednesday - 6k, 6:43 pace
Thursday - 5k, 7:06 pace
Saturday - back in Honolulu, 13.5k including a 1.5 mile hike up and then back down Diamond Head crater.

Total of 29.5k.

So far this week, I haven't run one step. That's ok. I am really jet lagged, and traveled for a full day. I'm going to take this time to relax and will start back in this Sunday with my 18k LSD. It will be tough, but I'll do it and get back on schedule for next week.

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