Thursday, August 11, 2011

Australia for August

Yum. This is going to be a yummy month. We're 11 days into August, and I've tried only 2 Australians so far. I'm getting really bad at blogging about the wines I'm tasting. I try to leave the bottles on the counter of the kitchen to remind myself to write about what I'm tasting, but then if I don't blog for a while, it looks like (a) I have a drinking problem as the bottles pile up, and (b) I'm starting a fruit fly farm. The bottles are all out for recycling now, so I have to try to remember.

I know I had shiraz. Two of them, actually. I've been enjoying so many cab sauv blends that I am really trying to get away from them this month and try some different varieties. I actually really enjoyed the shiraz. It was spicy, dry, and really yummy to drink without food. Eventually, I will remember the name of the companies that I tried, and then I will post those. I believe the second was a Peter Lehman. The first, I'll just have to look at the NSLC and I'm sure seeing the bottle will trigger my memory.

So I'll have to pick up something different this weekend. Any recommendations? I'm trying to stay away from cab sauv unless you have a name of a bottle that I need to try! What else is your favorite from Australia?

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