Monday, September 5, 2011

Australian August is Over, September Starts!

I spent August sipping on some Australian wines. I knew that would be an easy month for picking some yummy wines. I did attempt to buy new ones that I hadn't tried, and was fairly successful until the last week when I went with Wolfblass.

I stuck with mostly shiraz or shiraz cabernet blends. I tried a pinot noir as well. I really enjoyed the shiraz. I'd been on such a cab sauv kick lately that it was a nice switch to shiraz blends. I didn't really track them this time, though. I'm getting lazy. I know that will come back to bite me later when I'm looking for a good bottle of red from Australia, but I'm sure I'll work it out then.

So for September, I've decided to not pick a country. I'm going with small countries. I don't have to stick to one particular country, but can choose from any smaller region. I picked up a bottle of Wolftrap syrah last night from South Africa. It was a bit spicy for my taste, but not bad once I got a taste for it. I also picked up a bottle from Lebanon, but I haven't opened that yet.

If you have any suggestions for good reds from smaller countries, feel free to share. I want to tie in Germany and New Zealand as well, but find they are better for whites, and I really wanted to focus on reds this year.

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