Monday, July 18, 2011

Coast to Coast Canadian Wine

I'm enjoying Canadian wines for July so far. Actually, now that I'm writing this post, I realize I should get to the NSLC today and pick up another bottle for this week.

Anyway... So far, I've tried a bottle from NS and one from BC. NS wines are easily available here in Halifax, but other areas in Canada are available only in very limited supply. I couldn't find many of the recommended wines that friends from other areas suggested.

First up was Jost Marechal Foch. I'd had this one before, so really, I knew I'd like it. It's not as heavy as the reds I usually drink, but it has a nice flavor, almost tastes heavier than it really is. I really should have blogged while drinking it, or at least shortly after finishing the bottle. Right now, all I can say is that it is nice and somewhat light, but enjoyable. And it is a good price, around $15, I think.

Next, I went to Port of Wines to get some help. Friends had suggested a wine from Osoyoos Larose. The bottle they recommended was $47... I got what the sales lady described as the "baby" version of that wine ($25ish) - Petales d'Osoyoos. She described it as a bordeaux blend. It was very yummy. It was dry, tannic, and very full bodied (I think - if I am using the terms correctly). I really enjoyed it. I will get a bottle of that one again. Actually, it really made me want to take a trip to BC wine country.

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