Monday, May 9, 2011

I've been slack on my resolution

Not a single post on Spanish wines in April. I apologize. I didn't even write down which ones I tried after the first post in March. I was away for two weeks, in Hawaii, and while we did get one Spanish wine, we got into a Californian zone for a bit there.

All I can really say about Spanish wines is that I tried the tempranillos, and I liked them.

I'm onto Italy right now, and have already recycled two of the bottles without writing down what they were. I'm not loving Italy. I suspected I wouldn't as I have heard it is similar in France as to being a good wine to go along with food. I like my wine to be a good drinking wine without food. I don't really drink wine with food. I like a glass, on its own, while I relax at night.

The first Italian I had was a chianti. While it was definitely drinkable and nice enough, it just wasn't my taste. The second was a valpolicelli. I knew I'd like it. And it was fine.

I'm not even halfway through my resolution year, and I'm getting tired of it. I have learned a lot already, though, and will continue to truck on through the year.

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