Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Running on the rock

Last week's runs were ok. I took an extra rest day on Tuesday as I was really tired and irritable, and it was pouring. I've been tired for a while, so when I got home from work, had a snack, and immediately fell asleep on the couch, I figured I needed the rest.

I finished the week with all intentions of running 20k in the morning on Sunday, but then on Friday I found out I was heading to Newfoundland on Sunday morning. So, no morning run. That's a bit bad since I have a early leg of the Cabot Trail Relay. So now I'll have to make sure I make a real effort to run first thing in the morning to get used to it again.

The stats:
Wednesday - 4 hill repeats, total distance 7.3k, 6:08 average pace
Thursday - 9k with 8k at tempo, avg pace of 5:56
Friday - 4.3k easy, (though it was not easy, tired legs after the night before) 6:50 average pace
Sunday - 20k, including a walk up Signal Hill in St. John's, average pace 7:09

The legs are definitely tired, and the paces are showing it. Should be an interesting week this week. Next week will be a bit of a taper/rest week.

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