Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Princes: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal

... by Conor Grennan...

This was a lovely book. It is a true story that reads just like a fictional novel. A lot of times, I find non-fiction a little boring, but not this book. The story starts off with Conor's year long trip around the world. To start off his trip, he decides to volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal, mainly to be able to say he did it. He wasn't a huge fan of children, or really moved to volunteer at the orphanage, but thought it was the thing to do.

He gets to the Little Princes (this is the name of the orphanage) and the kids, mainly boys, tackle him - literally. Within the first moments of being at Little Princes, he feels at home and starts to really fall in love with the kids and the life with the kids. He works closely with another volunteer, Farid.

Nepal is in political turmoil, and Conor starts to discover that these orphans may not actually be orphans.

Conor leaves after his three months are over, and he continues on with his travels. He has a great time on vacation, and returns to the US after the year is up. But he can't stop thinking of the Little Princes. He goes back over to Nepal to further his work with the lost children.

This was a lovely story and I really enjoyed reading about the children Conor met, and his struggles to find their families, and his realizations that life in Nepal is so different from what he was used to. I haven't checked yet to see if there is a follow-up to this book, but I would really love to read more.

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