Tuesday, March 27, 2012

59 Days...

... until go time at my "A" race for the spring. How's my training going? <<crickets>>

I really thought the motivation would have kicked in by now, but it just hasn't. In January, I started running regularly again with the idea that I'd start "training" in February. (Training for me means running with intention - i.e. tempo runs, hills, speed work, easy runs, etc. Most times, if not training, I just run whatever I want and for however long I want.) In February, transit went on strike, so I was just in survival mode. I commuted by foot with a backpack, so that threw out the idea of any focused runs. Transit has been back and free for the last two weeks. I reworked my training schedule to a 10 week plan that started last Monday.

So far, I've skipped two runs and shortened another. Last week, I attempted a 3k run home with a backpack during the heat wave, the day after running hill repeats in 27 degree heat. I was too hot, so I just walked. I don't mind taking a bit of an extra break. Yesterday, I skipped the planned 5k. I also don't mind that - I'm used to Mondays being rest days, and I think I  might just plan on skipping Mondays and turning them into rest days. I prefer two rest days a week over just one.

This week, it's cold. But, I'm not skipping tonight's run due to cold (windchill of -12, and gusts of 40ish km/hr). I may just move it inside to the treadmill, but I will run it. Tomorrow, I will enjoy the cooler temps for the hill repeats compared to last week.

While I'm feeling like I'm not going to be ready for my "A" race, I'm reminding myself that I still have 59 days. That's a lot of time to get ready. I will be ready. I will try to remember that tonight as I struggle with my decision of treadmill or cold, and think of just skipping another run....

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