Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transit Strike Ends

Finally. The strike is over. Tomorrow, the ferry starts running again, and buses on Friday. I am happy that today is the last day that I have to commute via foot. It won't be the last day that I commute by foot, but at least I'll have a choice to take transit on those yucky days (like today).

I thought I'd look back at some of the numbers to reflect on my strike experience (not counting the kilometers run as they would have been run anyway):

  • 42 days with no transit
  • 192 km walked
  • ~32 hours walking 
  • 12,000 calories burned
  • 24 days getting to/from work
  • 140 km walking to/from work with a backpack
  • 5.5 audiobooks listened to
  • 3 rides bummed accepted from friends/coworkers
  • 1 shuttle across the bridge with the bridge commission when it was too windy for pedestrians
  • $100 not spent on transit pass and tickets
  • $65 spent on a new running vest
  • $35 spent on new tires for my bike
  • $30 spent on a new bike helmet (now I'm all set to start bike commuting again)
  • $0 spent on cabs
  • 3 missed social engagements
  • 1 email to my city councilor
  • ~10 slips on ice
  • 0 falls (knock wood, I still have to walk home tonight)
  • 0 days I hated the commute (despite some really cold winds on the bridge deck)
Now that transit will be back up and running, the things I am most looking forward to:
  • drinks after work with friends
  • running without the weight of a backpack
  • not walking in freezing rain/drizzle
  • walking to work
  • biking to work (when the weather warms up a bit - I'm a fair weather cyclist)
  • getting to the gym before/after work
  • visiting friends/family on weekends/evenings
All in all, it really wasn't that bad for me. Most days, I enjoyed the walk. Some days, I really did not enjoy it (rain, wind, sleet, hail, ice). I really noticed the increase in numbers of people walking. I hope to continue to see some of them out there. But, I am really happy that the people who rely on the bus will be able to get out and about again. 


  1. Awesome post! It never occurred to me to "log it".

  2. I log my activity anyway, so it was easy to log the activity part. The rest of it was just to satisfy my curiosity.