Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 25

Today is the 25th day of the 40 days of Lent. (For those of you wondering on the math, Sundays aren't included in the count - they are a day of reprieve from Lent.) So, how am I doing? I won't lie, this is when it gets tough. The first half sails by easily, and I wonder if it was a difficult enough task to give up my three favorite social media sites. For the last five or so days, I've been itching to cheat.

This year has been a little easier and a little tougher because of one thing. A colleague left and I've taken over the social media aspect of her job, which requires me to log on to facebook and twitter for work. Since this is not for personal use, I feel it is ok. When I have to log on to facebook to post something on the work page, I do take a quick peak at what's going on without searching around too much. Twitter, I don't log on as myself, but as the work account. Funny how I've now decided that it is important for me to look at Twitter numerous times a day, you know, in case there is something I NEED to re-tweet. This stops now. There. I just logged out.

Sundays are a free for all. I'm allowed to surf my sites. I haven't been posting on facebook or twitter, just looking to see what has been happening. Funny, when I'm allowing myself on there, I'm bored of it. At work, I'm feeling a lot more engaged. I am no longer the person in the office who knows what is going on as it happens, and that's great. I turn on the news when I get home instead. You know, it's ok to not know what is going on immediately when it is going on... Evenings at home, I'm getting more cooking, cleaning, planning done. And I am getting more sleep. Again, I will hope to make this a more permanent change once Lent is over in another 15 days (plus two Sundays).

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