Thursday, March 1, 2012

Under My Desk

My desk is usually fairly organized, no files laying everywhere or anything. But my personal effects tend to migrate under my desk. When I come in in the morning, I kick off whatever shoes I've worn in and put on my "office shoes".  Due to the transit strike, I also tend to have running gear lying around in my office, and extra coats. (I always have a spare coat in case I run in and need to wear a coat to go to a meeting outside the office.) But, I try to keep it all hidden, so things pile up under my desk, on the hook on the back of my door, and in all the little nooks and crannies in my office. (Some day, maybe I'll post a pic of my drawer of shoes.... All Most of my dressy shoes live at my office in a cabinet drawer, or under the desk.)

Under my desk right now
Anyway, I had a few colleagues meeting in my office today, so I tidied up first. I just thought it was funny that I have three separate pairs of running shoes under my desk, and had to take a picture. The ones on the left are my walking shoes (I put over 100km on those in February commuting to/from work.) In the middle are the pair that I leave at the office to wear to the gym. And, on the right (next to the bag of running gear) are the ones I run in. Three pairs of runners, all different purposes.

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