Wednesday, February 16, 2011

His Robot Girlfriend

I found this book somewhere online as a free upload to my kobo. It's by Wesley Allison, and the book is actually called "His Robot Girlfriend". I started it yesterday on the ferry to work, and was half way through it after my commute home last night. It was 114 pages.

The first bit was quite interesting. It's about a widower in the future who orders a robot to keep him company. He can program her however he pleases. Then it turned into every teenage boy's fantasy book for a while where it described (not in great detail) about how she was there to serve his every need - had the towel ready for him when he got out of the shower, cooked for him, cleaned, and every other want/need.

I expected the plot line to go a certain way, and it sort of did, but not directly. It was leading up to robots taking over the world, but you know, some robots can choose to decline instruction.

It was a cheesy read, but it passed the time.

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