Monday, February 7, 2011

Training Week #2

This was a lovely week weather wise for February. There was snow, rain, snow, ice, wind, and cold temperatures. That meant that I didn't bother even attempting to run outside until yesterday. So, this week had me at the gym, on the treadmill, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday was a 4k tempo run. I started out with 5 minutes warm up at 5.5mph, then 20 minutes at 6.3mph, and then was going to be another 5 minutes cool down at 5.5mph. But, I was getting a lot of shocks on the treadmill that day. When I switched it down to 5.5mph, I then touched a metal part of the treadmill (the heart rate monitor) and the shock was enough to shut off the treadmill. It started saying that it had malfunctioned and to report it to maintenance. Anyway. Just as I was standing there, heart racing, pondering if I go report it or just jump to another treadmill to finish my cool down, it started up again. Good enough. Run done. Felt a bit hard, but not bad.

Wednesday was another tempo run, scheduled to be 3k. I figured I'd just go for 30 minutes again which puts me close to 5k. Did basically the same workout as the day before, but with no treadmill issues.

Thursday was to be 3k easy, so just ran for 30 minutes at 5.8mph. I skipped Saturday's run.

Sunday, I actually made it outside. The weather had warmed up, and the snow was melting. The sidewalks were actually really good except for a few areas. I got to a part of the path where I was walking in inches deep water on top of ice. That was fun.... But the run was pretty good. It was nice to be outside and off that treadmill!

The weather this week is looking like there may be some more treadmill runs. I don't enjoy the treadmill, but I must admit that it's not that bad. I am almost adjusting to it.

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