Saturday, February 19, 2011

More February French

After so many glasses of French wine two weeks ago, I really haven't had much of a taste for wine this month. But, since I wanted to give France a good chance, I picked up a bottle on Thursday at Port of Wines when I was killing time downtown after work.

I got a bottle of Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Reserve "Vieilles Vignes", recolte 2008, Pierre Andre au Chateau de Corton Andre. I still don't have the knack for how French wines are labelled. I'm assuming Chateau de Corton Andre is the brand.

I now see what they mean when they say that French wines are usually made to drink with food. This is a very light wine. I can't identify anything in particular in the nose other than spice. It is a thin burgundy in color (funny that, being a burgundy and all...) and is somewhat transparent. It's dry, and I can't identify any fruits, though I never can.

It's nice. It's not something I would pick up every day, but maybe if I were serving food, and wanted a nice light wine, I would get this. I enjoy it, but I prefer a more full bodied wine.

I did try a French white last week while out at Obladee. I had a glass of Paul Zinck Pinot Gris from Alsace. It was really tasty. I really enjoyed this wine, and found it went quite well with the bread and cheese we were having. I didn't take any other notes, but can remember that it was sweet, fruity, and crisp. I had to stop myself from drinking it fast. I really enjoyed it and it was hard to just sip.

Next weekend will be my last French weekend. I have tried a few now, and will probably get a Bordeaux for next weekend. I'm thinking ahead to March, and think that it will be another new world country. Maybe Argentina. But, I may save Argentina for April.

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