Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy Wednesday

Reading - Finished my audio book that I'd been listening to - The Lilac Bus by Maeve Binchy. The book is about all the people who take the "lilac bus" every weekend from Dublin to a small town of Rathdune. (Excuse my spelling as when you're listening to the audio book instead of reading, you don't get the spellings!) Each chapter was about a different character. It was a good book, but I like a little more info about the characters! To me, I need good character development to really love a book. With this one, I wanted more of each character. I know that she often has characters that recur in different stories, and maybe if I read more about these characters in another book, I'd be content. I know that has happened with other books of hers that I've read in the past. But it was interesting.

I've got a lot of reading to do in the next while. Quite a few books came in from the library recently: One Day,  Secret Daughter, After, The Social Animal, and Water for Elephants. All with a three week expiry. Water for Elephants is an audio book, so I'll listen to that on commutes and get that taken care of, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the other ebooks! I hope I get them all read.

Running - Great hill workout tonight! Six hills. Total of 10k. Not bad for a Wednesday.

Resolutions - I picked up a bottle of Spanish wine a few days ago at Port of Wines. I got a bottle of Hoya de Cadenas which is a tempranillo cab sauv blend. I'm still not any better at picking out flavors. It's a nice dark red/purple. It smells fruity and sweet. It has a nice, full flavor, thick, long aftertaste. Maybe it tastes like cherrys? I like it. The first night I had a glass, I thought it was ok. Tonight, I am really enjoying it.

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