Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shinsplints Suck

The title of this post describes tonight's run. I aimed to do a 4k tempo, but I had decided that I'd take it easy if I wanted since I was recovering from a slight stomach bug. The first kilometer was right on pace at 5:55. And then, the shinsplints started. I walked up a steep hill and stretched at the top. I started running again and it hurt so bad that I was worried I'd do some damage if I kept running. Both shins, all along the front of the legs ached so bad. I walked, and it hurt to walk. I hobbled, really. I tried to run again, and couldn't. I ended up walking for about a mile. Finally, the pain subsided.

I took a chance and started to run again. I did manage to get in another 2k at tempo pace without any more  pain. I'm not sure what caused it today. Sometimes if I don't warm up enough, it'll start. Sometimes it is from over training. But yesterday was a rest day, so I don't think it was over training.

I have extremely tight calves at the best of times. I hadn't really stretched since last week. Lesson learned. Last week, I did yoga 3-4 days. I will start making that a priority again. Fingers crossed that it helps.

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