Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Secret of Everything

.... by Barbara O'Neal. This is the second book I've read of hers. I enjoyed the first one, and enjoyed this on even more.

This story is about Tessa. Tessa is a late thirties wild child. She's a tour guide on hiking tours, and has just been in a bad accident where one of her tour participants drowned. In the accident, Tessa was also hurt and went to stay with her hippie dad in California to recover.

Growing up, Tessa and her dad, Sam, traveled to renaissance fairs where he was a magician. She didn't have the typical life. Before they traveled, they were living on a commune in New Mexico. That's where Tessa's mom killed the leader of the commune and tried to drown herself and Tessa. Tessa survived, but pushed that all out of her memory until she nearly drown again. Then the memories started to come back.

Once she had healed enough to start getting antsy, she decided to head back to the commune town to scope out a new hiking tour possibility. Her dad did not want her to go. Of course, there were secrets he didn't want her to find out.

The story is really quite nice. It was similar to the other book of hers that I read in that the independent woman goes to a new town, falls for the single dad, even though she doesn't want to... But, the stories were also different enough that I didn't feel like I was re-reading the other book in a different setting.

If you're looking for chick lit, this is a good one. Just enough romance to be interesting, but with a good story and lots of other interesting characters.

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