Sunday, March 27, 2011

Training Weeks 8&9

Week 8
Last week was decent. I ran a crappy tempo on Tuesday, which has its own blog post.

Then Wednesday was 8k with 5 hills. It was a great workout! I really like my Wednesday night hill repeats with Heart & Sole. Hills are so much better with a group.

Thursday, I ran to work so I could go out for dinner after work since it was Saint Patrick's Day. I ran 4k at a 6:30 pace.

Saturday was an extra rest day in preparation for the race.

Sunday was my race with Heart & Sole at the Moose Run, again with its own post.

So, 4 runs for 26k.

Week 9
This week was ok. I ran Tuesday, but didn't have any goal since I had raced Sunday. But, I got shin splints right from the start, again. It was painful. So, I walked a bit, but got the run done. Then Tuesday night, I was sick, and sick again Wednesday. So I missed hills. Sad.

Thursday, I ran and had a good run. I did 6k easy, and had a pace of 6:05 (6:32, 6:09, 5:55, 5:58, 5:50, 5:59). I like "easy" runs. I run them with no goals, and just run whatever I feel like that run.

Saturday was another easy run. I did 4k at a 6:22 pace. It was a crappy run. I didn't want to run, and didn't want to be out there at all, the WHOLE time. But, luckily, it was only 4k.

Sunday (today) was 14k. I was out later than expected last night, so I decided last minute to run with the Dartmouth group instead of my Halifax clinic group. It meant I could sleep in later, but still thought I'd have company for most of the run. Turns out, I ran most of it alone anyway. Oh well. It was a good push to get out in the morning. Average pace was 6:44 (6:18, 6:57, 6:32, 6:44, 6:26, 6:48, 7:38, 7:37, 6:46, 6:28, 6:46, 6:34, 6:20, 6:09). This was a bit fast for me for a long run. I'm tired today, which is a sign that I ran too fast. Or, maybe I needed more nutrition on the run. I had one gel at 8k.

Anyway, good week. 4 runs for 28k.

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