Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yummy Bonarda

Not to give anything away with the title, but bonarda is yummy! What is bonarda, you ask? Funny, I asked that same question just yesterday....

I went to the NSLC at Scotia Square yesterday to browse. I thought I might move on from Argentina since I already know I love Argentinian malbecs. But, I couldn't decide which country to visit next. I thought about South Africa, but a friend said she doesn't like it, and I trust her opinion on wines. I was going to get a cab sauv from Argentina, but didn't feel like it since I also know I like those. Then I saw the Las Moras black label Bonarda 2008.

The bottle says deep fruit and nice floral aromas, deep purple colour with blue tones. It states that it has hints of blackberries, coffee, mint, violets and chocolate, and has a long lasting after taste. I pondered. Then the third helpful clerk came up and asked if I needed help. This time I said "what is bonarda, and is it good?" Then, he told me that it is a grape only bring grown in Argentina now, and is similar to a cab sauv, but with more of a white pepper taste. "But is it good?" "Yes." So I bought a bottle. I don't remember the price. $16-17, I think.

We had a great chat about the wine, and I wasn't disappointed. It tastes different. I'm still not good with placing the aromas and tastes that they say it has. It's definitely dark in color, and has a nice smell. I guess I can smell the floral aroma. I can feel the tannins when I take a sip. I can taste spice. I can't describe how it is different, might just be the spiciness of it. But I definitely like it.

I'm glad I tried something new!

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