Monday, March 28, 2011

Destination, Spain!

I was at dinner with my friend Saturday night, and we were looking at the wine list. "What country are you on now?" he asked. Good question. I had done 3-4 weeks in Argentina, and felt that I should move to a new country. I pondered having a glass of the one Argentinian Malbec on the menu, but I knew I would love it, so that seemed to be a bit of a cop out for my quest to try new wines.

My friend, who I'm pretty sure isn't much of a wine drinker, tried something new himself. He took my advice and went with an Australian wine. While I've learned a lot about wine in the past three months, I don't feel that I can advise others on what to drink. I know what I like, but I'm still not very good at describing why I like it.

There was a lot of Australian on the menu. I'm saving Australia for later since they have so much selection. I've had many Australian wines in the past. I'm thinking I'll drink more of them in the summer or fall. Until then, I wanted a smaller country. So, there was one Spanish wine on the menu, and I decided to try that.

I had a glass of the Osborne Tempranillo & Shiraz, from Tierra de Castille, Spain. I have no idea what Tempranillo is. Never heard of it. But I knew I liked Shiraz. The glass came and it was a nice rich color. It wasn't overly spicy on the nose. It was tasty, but a more mellow taste than some of the others that I seem to be loving lately. It was actually a really good match for drinking with my food, I think.

I'm excited to try some more of Spain these next few weeks. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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