Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Malbec is Yummy

I skipped a weekend and didn't get a bottle of wine the weekend before this past one. I know, I know. But it's actually starting to feel like work to get wine every week, so I took a week off. This past week, I picked up a bottle on the way home from work.

Sticking with Argentina, I picked up another malbec. This time, I got the Trapiche Broquel 2008 which was around $17. It sat on my counter for about 5 days before I actually broke into it. Shocking. I just didn't feel like a glass last week. I can tell you that if I had a bottle here right now, I'd open it. But, that's this week.

When I realized that it was Saturday and I hadn't yet opened it, I realized that I needed help. I emailed my friend and invited her over to help me drink it. And drink it, we did. It was quite tasty. I can't really describe it other than saying that it was yummy. I know I like malbecs from Argentina. I should try a different type of wine from Argentina, and I may this weekend if I make it to a larger wine store with more choice. Or, I may just switch to a new country. We'll see.

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